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Do you think about outsourcing of BIM? Of course you think about Intec Europe. We are specialized in BIM outsourcing. You can only expect from us a high standard quality and a very complete and kind service. In BIM outsourcing it is all about outsourcing of a Building Information Model (outsourcing of BIM), or Building Information Modeling. That’s why we entered the right professionals in our team. So they can always assist you professionally with excellent measured service concerning BIM outsourcing.

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BIM Outsourcing

Integral cooperation

Proper integral cooperation is the basis of a successful project. BIM modelling is becoming more intelligent in all areas, which is why the need for high-grade engineering and an integral build-up of intelligent BIM models is on the increase.

Intelligent BIM models

Intelligent BIM models not only provide insight into the E&M installations, but also optimum possibilities of improving and optimising the installation and saving costs. Intec Europe can provide a solution with the requested quality in all phases of a project.


Designing and calculating electrotechnical and mechanical building-related installations.

BIM modelling

  • Mechanical BIM Services
  • Electrotechnical BIM Services
  • Transport installations BIM Services
  • HVAC Installations BIM Services
  • COBie BIM Services


  • CAD to BIM conversion
  • As Build Documentation
  • Computer Programs: Autodesk Revit MEP 2015, AutoCAD

Integral processes

  • Generating amounts
  • Cost management


  • Value Engineering Services
  • Clash Detection & Solutions