The most upcoming building information technology

What is BIM?

BIM means Building Information Model. Contrary to the traditional design- and building process, during the BIM-process all relevant information is included in one digital (3D) model. All the required data for designing, building and maintaining of a construction are linked to this digital model. The model can subsequently be used by all involved parties during the realization of this building, as commissioner, constructor, advisor and fitters.

The power of BIM is mainly that the flat design comes really to life. Because of the 3D design you can virtually experience the building. But that’s not the only advantage of working with BIM. While the 3D model gives a splendid in- and overview of the construction to build, wrong calculation costs –coming from wrong decisions or construction mistakes- are highly reduced. The project team is thanks to BIM better able to make common specific design measures, based on the right information.


Intec Sample Power Plant Walkthrough