Intec Europe is an international engineering office with many years’ experience in designing, drawing and calculating all electrotechnical and mechanical building-related installations.


Strategic partner

Europe is experiencing an increasing lack of qualified electrical and mechanical (E&M) BIM modellers. Intec Europe is a strategic partner for its clients for the provisional or structural organisation of flexible and high-quality capacity in the field of E&M BIM modelling.

A reliable link

A reliable link in technical conversions and communication. Collaboration with a partner with a decade’s experience in the field of (integral) BIM projects in an international sphere of action. Intec Europe can provide a whole range of testimonials from customers who are satisfied about the activities in extremely complex and large-scale projects.

Price advantage and risk management

Unlimited –high-quality- capacity and communication and coordination in your mother tongue in accordance with European standards, at market conform rates. In addition, a clear focus on risk management with regard to time and costs. Our client is clear about the work, we are clear about time and expenses.

Added value to knowledge

The availability of international knowledge and experience in major international MEP projects. Every company cooperating with Intec Europe works with the knowledge of the largest projects worldwide.


A new step in the world of globalisation. Working as part of the (unstoppable) trend of international collaboration.